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Fun & Safe Dog Daycare in Bayside

We understand you don’t want to leave your dog home alone all day, where they can get lonely, bored, or into mischief… but busy pet parents can’t always be home. We have the perfect solution: dog daycare! Waggers Pet Care offers the perfect environment for dogs to get the exercise, socialization, and mental engagement they need while you’re away from home. After a day of romping and playing in our clean, fully supervised play areas, your dog will be ready to come home calm, satisfied, and ready for cuddles!

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Free Day of Play & Evaluation for New Daycare Clients

Come, Stay, Play! Enjoy your daycare evaluation and first day of play for free.

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The Perfect Place for Dogs to Play!

Pets from all over Bayside and Queens visit Waggers Pet Care for our superior dog daycare program. Here are some of the special features every furry playmate can expect from us:

  • Over 10 years’ experience providing excellent pet care!
  • Spacious indoor playrooms outfitted with fun canine playground equipment.
  • Fully temperature-controlled facility year-round for ongoing fun, rain or shine.
  • Daycare attendants are carefully trained in leading group play and off-leash safety practices.
  • All play groups are supervised 100% of the time, with lots of love and human attention to go around.
  • Daycare is available seven days a week!

Safety First at Waggers Pet Care

We’re all about doggy fun, but we’re even more about safety at Waggers Pet Care. All our furry guests can enjoy the healthiest, safest daycare experience possible in our care.

  • Veterinarian-owned business with strict sanitation and vaccination protocols
  • Careful playgroup selection based on size, playstyle, and temperament and controlled playgroup size for maximum safety
  • Advanced security and climate-control systems as well as double-fencing around the facility
  • Periodic rest times so dogs can relax and recharge during the day
  • Ongoing staff training for all daycare attendants to ensure best-practice education
  • Thorough temperament evaluations for all new daycare guests to ensure this social environment is right for them
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Dog Daycare is More than Just Fun!

Veterinarians agree dog daycare provides benefits to your canine’s mental and physical health in the safest ways. Here are some ways dog daycare improves the wellbeing of your dog.


The most common preventable illness in dogs today is obesity. Pet parents are simply busier and harder-working than ever, and they often don’t have the time to make sure their dogs get the right amount of exercise each day. Dog daycare is the ideal place for dogs to play all day, get lots of exercise, and burn their extra energy and calories to improve physical fitness (as well as mental satisfaction!).


Most dogs are social by nature, and they have an inherent desire to spend time with other pups. Dog parks and hiring pet sitters can be risky, but dog daycare is a fully supervised place for friendly, vaccinated pets to play together in a nurturing environment. Proper socialization is also proven to lead to better canine confidence and sense of self.

Mental Stimulation

Have you ever come home from work to find couch filling all over your floor? Holes all over your yard? Complaints from neighbors about the barking dog? These behaviors are signs of boredom and anxiety from being at home alone all day. The mental stimulation and engagement of dog daycare satisfies your dog’s busy mind and helps reduce these (and other) undesirable habits.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dog Daycare