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Dog Grooming

Professional Dog Grooming & Spa

We can all agree dogs are fun to hug, cuddle, and kiss—especially if they’re clean and smell like flowers! Visit our professional dog spa for any number of  dog grooming services, whether it’s a quick trim, full haircut, or just a relaxing bath for your pooch. Our dog grooming team has the background, talent, and products to ensure an efficient experience and quality results for dogs of all kinds.

Looking for Dog Grooming in the Forest Hills area? Check out our grooming service at our Veterinary Care Group Forest Hills Location.

Grooming & Spa Services

We proudly provide individualized care to each spa visitor. Here are some of the ways we can spoil your pet at Waggers Pet Care’s dog spa:

  • Full-service haircuts by professional stylists

  • Refreshing baths with top-quality shampoos and conditioners

  • Spot trimming, including the ears, paws, and sanitary area

  • Ear cleanings

  • Nail maintenance including filing and clipping

  • Teeth brushing

  • De-matting services

  • Gland expression

  • Special package bundles!

Grooming & Canine Health

Did you know regular visits to a groomer actually improve your dog’s overall health and well-being? Here’s how:

1. Healthy skin and coat. The gentle, pet-specific products used by our grooming team are designed to clean canine coats and nourish the skin underneath. While our groomers work, they also look over your pet’s skin, paws, and ears for any signs of abnormalities that might indicate a health concern.

2. Nail health is critical. A dog’s nails grow nonstop throughout their lives, and they require regular clipping to stay healthy. When a dog’s nails get too long, they can cause foot pain and upset the natural paw structure and posture. Our groomers work quickly and accurately to clip or file your dog’s nails.

3. Professional tools in professional hands. The dog grooming tools we use go beyond the typical brushing you might do at home. Our special equipment is designed to reach the hard-to-get inner fur and remove any captured dirt or loose hair underneath your dog’s top layer of hair. Your dog will appreciate it—imagine wearing a heavy, dirty coat. They don’t like it either!

4. Less shedding! After a session in our dog spa, the loose fur trapped in your pet’s coat will be left behind with us, not on your furniture and clothing! Some dogs shed more than others, but all breeds benefit from a professional brushing. The grooming process removes debris and stimulates circulation on the skin for a healthier, cleaner coat.