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Dog Training

Professional Dog Training in Queens, NY

Intelligence, unconditional love, and an eagerness to learn… dogs already have everything they need to be perfect companions- and training unlocks their true potential! Proper training is key to forming the strongest relationship with your dog, and the experienced professionals at Waggers Pet Care are here to help.

Does your dog pull on the leash? Do they jump on guests and run away when called? These unwanted behaviors can be frustrating for you and your family. We’ve overcome these common challenges countless times in dogs of all breeds, ages, and situations.

Proven & Positive Training Techniques

Our multi-faceted training approach uses a mix of positive-based techniques, leadership, and your dog’s natural motivations to reach your goals.

Instead of relying on only one method of training, we balance several proven techniques tailored for your specific needs. This allows us to customize each dog’s training experience, leading to lasting results. Our method works for all dogs regardless of age and issues.

Our system is designed to meet three primary objectives:

  1. Teach your dog to respond to verbal commands using a positive approach

  2. Teach you and your family how to maintain your dog’s new skills at home

  3. Ensure your dog retains their new knowledge through ongoing support

Dog Training Options for All Needs

Our training classes help your dog master common obedience commands such as sit, stay, lay down, come, and heel. We also take on challenging behavior problems such as potty training, barking, jumping on people, and pulling the leash. Here are some of our training options and classes:

Stay & Train

This immersive training experience allows us to focus on your dog’s training needs during a stay in our upscale boarding facility. Like action-packed training camps, this program includes one-on-one sessions with a trainer every day with lessons tailored for the results you seek. Our Stay & Train packages include:

  • Overnight lodging

  • Daily play packages

  • Daily training lessons

  • Take-home training exercises and resources

  • Ongoing phone support and coaching after the end of training


Puppy Kindergarten

Our foundation training program for new puppies uses positive reinforcement to promote confidence and communication in your new family member! Lessons include:

Watch Me – Sit – Come – Down – Stand – Body Handling – Polite Greeting – Leave it – Stay – Loose Leash Walking

Essential Manners

These classes are similar to our Puppy Kindergarten but designed for older puppies and adult dogs. Lessons include the same basic obedience and skill set as the Puppy Kindergarten curriculum.

Advanced Manners

This class builds upon our Puppy Kindergarten and Essential Manners classes. It’s designed to keep your dog mentally stimulated while reinforcing what they’ve already learned, but in a real-world context. Lessons include advanced versions of:

Leave it – Advanced Stay – Polite Greeting – Watch & Walk – Loose Leash Walking

Master Training

Strengthen the foundations built in our beginner and advanced classes. The goal is for your dog to achieve the most reliable behavior for real-life situations. Lessons include master versions of:

Polite Manners – Stay While Distracted – Walking Through Crowd – Leave It – Loose Leash Walking – Accepting Greetings from Stranger

One-on-One Training

These personalized training sessions target your dog’s individual needs using science-based positive reinforcement techniques. Your sessions are scheduled at your convenience and availability and focus on the skills of your choice.