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  • The Goals of dog daycare are to socialize the dog and provide exercise benefits. Safety is always number one when in a pack environment. In order to keep our guests safe during play time, we apply few methods listed below to keep unwanted behavior to a minimum. No methods we use are meant to do any harm to the dog. It is only strictly to keep a well rounded pack of animals and provided the best socially safe experience for your dog.

    Unwanted behaviors include but not limited to: Rough play, bullying, excessive sprints, excessive barking, tugging on skin, humping, fighting, etc..

    Spray Bottle–Just filled with water and is commonly used throughout the day. We may spray the dog in face area or butt area.

    Can with coins–This is a tin can filled with coins. May be shaken and used as a noise corrector.

    Lead Time Out–This is a rope leash that can be quickly looped around the dog to get control. In the event of an unwanted behavior we may lead the dog for a short period in the room to calm them down.

    Physical Touch Correction–We may use our body and hand to physically stop the dog. This may look like a poking motion usually near dog's butt area or neck. We may at times hold the dog by scruff of neck to get control of the situation. This is not meant to harm the dog in anyway. Applied when unwanted behaviors are exhibited which can lead to safety concerns. Such as, dogs snapping or fighting.

    Crate Time Out–Putting the dog in the crate in a separate area. We may remove the dog from play area if unwanted behavior is persistent and other methods have not been effective.
  • Policies and Procedures

    • • Waggers Bayside LLC, DBA Waggers Dog Daycare and its employees agree to provide services stated in this agreement in a reliable and trustworthy manner. In consideration of these services and as an express condition thereof, the client expressly waives any and all claims against Waggers Dog Daycare, Inc. or its employees, unless arising from gross negligence on the part of Waggers Dog Daycare, Inc
    • • The client understands that all pets must have a veterinarian and must be current with all vaccinations. Vaccinations must be given far enough in advance to be effective. We require about 2 weeks. Vaccinations required are Rabies, Distemper (DHPP/DA2PP/DHLPP) and Bordetella (Kennel Cough). A Fecal Test must also be done within the last 6 months and must be negative for worms and parasites. Please bring vaccination record with you before or during admission or pet(s) will not be admitted.
    • • The client understands that all pets must be treated with a flea, tick and heartworm preventative. If fleas are found on pet, a flea bath will be given at owner's expense.
    • • Client understands the dog's nails must be clipped regularly for the safety of all our dogs and employees. If the dog's nails are found to be too long, we will cut at owner's expense.
    • • Waggers Bayside LLC, DBA Waggers Dog Daycare will not be held responsible for stressful effects boarding/daycare may have upon an elderly pet. A senior dog is defined by the American Veterinary Medical Foundation as a canine, small and big as 7 years of age and above. Boarding extremely old, chronically ill or otherwise debilitated pets requires extra care, which our caring and trained staff is happy to provide. However, special-needs pets, puppies and senior pets naturally have a higher risk of injury, stress-related illness, or exacerbation of any pre-existing condition. As such, by boarding your special-needs pet, puppy or senior pet with us, the Client waives any claim for injury or illness experienced by the pet. The Client waives any claim that BepppoInc, DBA Waggers Dog Daycare is not responsible for any accidental death of a pet with pre-existing health conditions.
    • • Waggers Bayside LLC, DBA Waggers Dog Daycare will not board acutely ill animals or those with uncontrolled medical conditions. We suggest the pet be boarded with a vet. Certain medical conditions may also be referred to a veterinarian for boarding. Pets infected withworms, parasites, or any other contagious disease will not be admitted.
    • • The client understands that the animals interact with other animals and employees. The client must express any known aggression problems that the animal has with other pets or people and must be free of any communicable diseases. The pet is being admitted based on client's representation.
    • • Client understands that dogs are unpredictable and, without warning, may bite or cause harm to others. Client further understands that there are risks involved in a boarding/day care settings such as fights, bites and the transmission of diseases and releases Waggers Bayside LLC, DBA Waggers Dog Daycare of liability.
    • • Client acknowledges that this agreement will be valid for all pets owned by the client.
    • • Client is solely responsible for any harm caused by their pet to any employees, other pets/owners, or property.Client agrees to reimburse Waggers Bayside LLC, DBA Waggers Dog Daycare for all costs (including, but not limited to, medical care and lost wages) associated with exposure to pet(s).
    • • Waggers Bayside LLC, DBA Waggers Dog Daycare does not provide food, and bedding; however, if you decide to provide your own, Waggers Dog Daycare is not responsible for those items. Please label all items including medications with pet's name and owner's name. It is recommended that the client provide the pet's own food as a change in diet can cause upset stomachs.
    • • Waggers Bayside LLC, DBA Waggers Dog Daycaredoes not accept aggressive animals. Client understands if a playgroup setting is requested for your pet that accidents do happen. Client understands Waggers Bayside LLC, DBA Waggers Dog Daycare will not be responsible for scrapes, scratches, playful bites, transmission of diseases, etc. as these things are common amongst play groups.
    • • Waggers Bayside LLC, DBA Waggers Dog Daycare reserves the right to take pet(s) to vet if necessary. Client is responsible for all charges including, but not limited to, vet fees and transportation fees.
    • • Waggers Bayside LLC, DBA Waggers Dog Daycare reserves the right to deny service or terminate service because of safety concerns, financial concerns, or inappropriate or uncomfortable situations.
    • • There will be a $10 fee for late pick-ups. If pet is not picked up by closing time the pet will remain for another night and will be billed for boarding. Check out time is 12pm any dogs picked up after 12pm will be charged $10until 7pm.All Federal holiday periods will incur a surcharge of $15 per dog.
  • Veterinarian Release

  • During my absence, Waggers Bayside LLC, DBA Wagers Dog Daycare and Veterinary Care Group will be caring for my pet(s). In the event of an emergency, I authorize you Waggers Dog Daycare and Veterinary Care Group to administer medical treatment and will be responsible for payment to you upon my return.
  • (Pet Owner) hereby give Waggers Bayside LLC, DBA Waggers Dog Daycare and Veterinary Care Group permission to represent on my behalf to administer any care, vaccinations and/or medications necessary to the Pet's Name(s) aforementioned. I will assume full responsibility for the payment and/or reimbursement for any and all veterinary services rendered, including but not limited to diagnosis, treatment, medical supplies, daycare, boarding, and grooming. Payments will be made on the day my pet is checked out.

    If this veterinarian is not available, I authorize Waggers Bayside LLC, DBA Waggers Dog Daycare to transport my pet(s) to a veterinarian of choice and authorize treatment. If emergency care is needed after regular office hours, my pet(s) may be taken to the nearest Veterinarian Emergency Clinic/Hospital.

  • (input maximum dollar amount or "no limit"). I agree to be responsible for all charges upon my return including, but not limited to, vet fees, extra visit fees and transportation fees.

    I agree that Waggers Dog Daycare, Inc. and Veterinary Care Group is released from all liability related to veterinary treatment for sickness or emergency. This agreement is valid from the date below and grants permission of Waggers Bayside LLC, DBA Waggers Dog Daycare and Veterinary Care Group for future veterinary care without the need for additional authorization each time Waggers Bayside LLC, DBA Waggers Dog Daycare and Veterinary Care Group care for one or more of my pets. In signing this contract, I agree I have the authority to make health, medical and financial decisions regarding the animals that will be scheduled to receive service.

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